The science of motivation

Why are some individual’s overachievers and/or go-getters willing to work hard to reap future benefits, while some are totally content slack off and to settle for less? Based on a recent study, amounts of dopamine in the brain may determine the level of motivation that individuals display. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that has several distinct … [Read more…]

Achieving more from a lack of time

Apologies for a more practical post than usual today but life sometimes involve things that just have to get done and out of the way. Today has been one of those days for me – dealing with paperwork and business stuff! Although it’s been a chore I thought I should share with you a way … [Read more…]

Resiliency Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas video

Resiliency is defined as the power or ability for someone or something to return to its original form, or position after being bent, compressed, or stretched; or for a person to be able to recover from illness or adversity. In the following video The Hip Hop Preacher talks about resiliency using an example of the … [Read more…]

Managing great opportunities in life

Today I’ve found myself (willingly) playing the role of agony aunt. A great friend of mine has just been round for coffee and wanted help to make a decision. Just so you get the picture, she’s just turned fifty, she’s divorced and her kids have flown the nest. She’s a lecturer at a well-known university … [Read more…]

Live for the present not the past

If I may I am going to begin this post by asking a question. Do you spend your time living in the future or present or are you living in the past? Maybe like many, you switch between spending time in future and the past, so preventing reaching your life goals, which just a life … [Read more…]

Learning to live

Learning to live seems like an odd title for todays musing, but it struck me that there are many situations in our lives that call for us to learn how to live and in some cases to re-learn how to live. Things like death, divorce, severe illness and even redundancy or unemployment can shine such … [Read more…]

Leaders are made not born

When we think of the great leaders of the world, we tend to assume that they have or had something special, something different that enabled them to be such great leaders. Our natural assumption is that they were born leaders, rather than learning their leadership trade in the school of hard knocks. If you’re a … [Read more…]

Following your dreams

From the age of 5, and in some cases even earlier, our lives are structured into timeframes and regulations that are determined by other people, or by institutions or organisations. Even at baby-stage, we may be enrolled in a crèche or nursery because our parents are working. At that age, we’ll be taken there at … [Read more…]