5 steps to dealing with procrastination

procrastination“I guarantee that you despise the fact that you struggle to get the important things done and wish that you could just get on with the job at hand rather than keep putting it off until tomorrow.” Napoleon Hill

We know that we should do the job but somehow we come up with explanations like “I will do it tomorrow”. Lo and behold, we prolong our misery and when tomorrow comes we just go through the same process.

So what do we at Motivating Words say can be done to avoid procrastination?

1. Write down everything you want to get done

What is it that you absolutely must do? Writing down makes it possible to begin considering the tasks instead of shying from them. The best antidote to procrastination is activity – of any kind – and so writing things down will allow you to begin taking action to meet the goal.

Next you must rank the jobs in order of trouble and relevance.

2. Understand why anxiety arises

Procrastination is frequently linked to anxiety. Sure, you might truly not have time to finish some jobs, yet it’s anxiety that stops you from preventing procrastination. Whatever it is, you must recognize you’ve let this feeling prevent you from doing what’s essential to enable you to succeed as an individual and grow. You’ve let a feeling do this. Just a feeling! It is vital that you feel your anxiety and do the job regardless, once you realise it will not cause you pain. You will never escape the anxiety of the unknown – as individuals that’s just how we’re programmed – but you shouldn’t permit it to prevent you from pursuing your aims.

3. Realise your value

You and the things you wish to achieve are much too crucial to let your procrastination you’re your success and your goals are much too important to be endangered by anxiety and indecision. Any day that you remain inactive is a day that you won’t ever get it back. Make a pledge to quit wasting your valuable time now.

4. Make a start

We’re all great at making excuses. Not enough time, cash, experience, ideas or support. You should quit making excuses of why you will not begin the job at hand and begin thinking about why you MUST begin it. Activity is the best antidote to procrastination so begin something now which will move you towards finishing a job, whether it is collecting information, resources, help or delegating work so you’ve more hours to meet your targets, as mentioned in point 1. Your self-confidence will be increased by taking action because you’ll begin to take yourself seriously and reveal the importance the task deserves to be given.

5. Small steps can lead to huge strides

Achieving our ultimate aims can appear daunting, particularly when an individual aim is large and challenging. It’s critical you don’t give up. Success demands determination and hard work and the perfect way to reach your objective will be to approach it in little bits. Break it down into manageable pieces and you’ll discover that before long you’ll be moving ahead in leaps and bounds.

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