Accepting the inevitable

Having been in business for many years, I am constantly amazed when people just keep accepting it as they are passed by for promotion or advancement. Then one day I understood – most of us do this regularly in our lives!

I am now attempting to stop!

Folks wear the badge of effort like it is an honour. And my 13 year old has made several efforts, but it is not so difficult. The question is in front of my 13 year old and he understands the solution. My 13 year old gets it! Hallelujah!!! Success is celebrated by us with biscuits and a pop while Hallelujah, he works on the next problem.

It’s all about simplicity!

Those badges of honour actually do not mean anything if you do not “get it!” They actually will not mean a thing although it’s possible for you to wear them.

Simplify the steps. Take things one at a time and make sure you’re prepared to meet it when Success comes.

Success is not a whirlwind.

Getting caught up in a whirlwind likely does not mean you are successful. Those tangents you steal when you strive to achieve something wonderful while success steals decidedly away into the space that are more likely the results of your efforts.

I realized I had been making an excessive amount of effort before I figured it out. I needed to relax and let life to occur inside my own boundaries. Once I understood what I needed, going toward that goal was just an issue of redirecting traffic toward success.

Are you ready to step out into a life of success and say goodbye to the whirlwind of effort?