Achieving more from a lack of time


The art of achieving moreDo you constantly feel that you’re on the back foot or swimming against the tide? Perhaps you simply have too much to do? Or it might be that you’re not quite as organised as you could be? Time is a tough nut to crack when it comes to management, but because it is in limited supply, it’s essential to squeeze as much as you can from the time you have available.

Bearing in mind that every week only has 168 hours and that the average life expectancy in Europe is anywhere between 71 and 83 years (depending on who you believe), there really is a strong argument for having a goal of achieving more from a lack of time.

Albeit that 3 sleeps until Santa comes when you’re 5 years of age might seem like a lifetime, it’s certainly true that as you get older you become very aware of the limited time you have ahead of you. Many wise people say that if only the young had the awareness and the knowledge of the more mature regarding time, they’d make different choices. Although this notion is dismissed by many young people, the more open-minded younger generation take heed of this and make sure they live life to the max.

In our view at Motivating Words, achieving more from a lack of time and making your life easier as a result calls for 3 key ingredients. They are:


In order to achieve more from a lack of time, you need to be organised. Being organised needn’t mean becoming military when it comes to the precision of your daily routine; it just calls for paying attention. Making lists is a great way to make sure you don’t waste time, yet get everything done that you need to do in the day. There are tonnes of applications available that you can load onto your mobile phone that will keep you organised and on top of how you use your time. If you’re not a natural list-maker but you’re keen to get more from less time, this approach is well worth considering.


While impromptu events and unplanned trips are really exciting, it pays to plan if you want to make the most of life and achieve more from a lack of time. It may be that you choose to do some forward planning at New Year or it could be one of your springtime activities, either way, looking ahead and setting out your plans for the future is always a good way to make sure you get more done. If you decide today for example that you’re definitely wanting to run a half-marathon later in the year, you can plan time to train and take it all in baby steps so you achieve your goal and feel great about yourself.


Time is a tough resource to manage, but it can be done. Creating routines without turning yourself into a robot is a great way to make sure you get more done. If things like reading, exercising and spending time with friends, or even just for relaxation has fallen off your agenda of late because of work pressures, you should consider setting aside time to do these things and sticking to it. If you manage your time so you know when you should be reading, exercising or doing anything else that’s important to you, you’re much more likely to actually get it done.