Best Personal Development Books 2019

What are books on personal development?

Personal development books have existed for many decades (the earliest listed below being published in 1937) and have helped those from many generations to better themselves. Undoubtedly, though, the range available has multiplied in more recent times into the wealth of titles that we have now.

Why would you read books about personal development?

The human spirit has a natural drive to seek improvement in our lives and to better ourselves. In some, that desire is more pronounced than others and where it is strong then different routes will be explored to achieve betterment.

One route to doing that is to read about various aspects of what makes us tick as both individuals and as members of the human race. Therefore, in order to satisfy that thirst for knowledge in this area, many books have been written.

Our view on the best personal development books in 2019

The 10 books listed below by Motivating Words are quite certainly some of the most important books on personal development that have been written. However, their inclusion in this collection is purely subjective on the part of the writer and other views may vary.

Titles have been selected across the range of topics, including goal setting, prioritising, habit creation and application. Undoubtedly the best way to judge the suitability for the list is to read them, either in hard copy or electronic (Kindle) formats and judge for yourself.

The 80/20 PrincipleRichard KochView on Amazon
The One ThingGary W Keller & Jay PapasanView on Amazon
The Power of HabitCharles DuhiggView on Amazon
The Chimp ParadoxProf Steve PetersView on Amazon
The 4-Hour BodyTim FerrissView on Amazon
Tools of TitansTim FerrissView on Amazon
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleStephen R CoveyView on Amazon
Think & Grow RichNapoleon HillView on Amazon
Unlimited PowerAnthony RobbinsView on Amazon
The Power of ConsistencyWeldon LongView on Amazon

The 80/20 Principle (Richard Koch)

The 80/20 Principle

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About this book

80/20 is a term commonly used in business circles, but in this book, The 80/20 Principle is equally applicable to transforming personal readers’ lives as well as professional readers’ lives.  Also known as the Pareto Effect, Koch has applied the 80/20 rule to day-to-day living and reveals the possibility of a way of life that is in equal part idyllic and achievable.

Whether it’s the impact of the world-wide web or just a genuinely increasing bombardment of tasks that need to get done, more and more of us are feeling under more and more pressure.  And this book can certainly help.

For me, the great thing about this book is that once you “get” the concept (which happens simply and effortlessly as you read), you’ll be able to apply it to every aspect of your life, almost intuitively.  Recognising the essential is key.  So, no matter whether you’re looking to climb the career ladder, achieve success in business or simply have more fulfilling relationships with others, this book has much to offer and is a worthy first entry for our 'best personal development books' list.

About Richard Koch

Born in London in 1950, Richard Koch benefitted from a grammar school and Oxford education.  Having spent a number of years in the US, he now lives in Gibraltar, a place he chose because of his love of the sun.  An academic, an author, a speaker, investor, former management consultant and entrepreneur, in my view, he’s earned the right to have a strong viewpoint on what contributes to success.

The takeaways

Based on the principle that ±80% of results are achieved by ±20% of effort or input, this book makes it blatantly obvious that much of the effort we put into any aspect of our lives has little impact. It empowers you to recognise this 80/20 principle and unveil it at play in every aspect of your life.  In many ways, this book has the ability to completely alter your perception if you let it.  Like most powerful things, the principle is hugely simple and while the book leaves you wondering how or why you didn’t realise all this before, it certainly leaves you feeling much more empowered.

Who should read this book?

Anyone who feels they are constantly drowning in to-do tasks should have this book at the top of their ‘must read’ list.  If you find yourself in a situation where you get 80% of the way there, then something comes along before you get the chance to get the other 20% done, the solutions this book puts forward will feel like a revelation to you.

Great reasons to read this book

  1. It is based on a well-known and accepted theory that is widely applied across a whole range of disciplines.
  2. Its principle is highly credible and you can visualise it in action as you read.
  3. It leaves you kicking keen to “80/20” every part of your existence and completely change the quality of your life by changing the way you think.

The One Thing (Gary W Keller & Jay Papasan)

The One Thing - Best Personal Development Books

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About the The One Thing

Everybody wants to work less and enjoy more success, that’s almost a given.  But this book promises to give you that in a credible and achievable way.  That’s why it appealed to me so much.  Ideally suited to anyone who wants more from their life, professionally, personally, or both this book has the secret sauce that you could be looking for.  It cleverly and concisely shows you how you can achieve more by doing less.  Isn’t that the formula we’re all looking for?

It particularly struck a chord with me because it targets ‘the daily barrage of emails, texts, tweets, messages and meetings’ that we all face, and provides a methodology to avoid distraction and distress.  A highly practical approach to getting what you want, this is a must read for busy professionals and anyone struggling to be all they want to be across all aspects of their life.

It promises to teach you how to:

  • Cut through the clutter
  • Achieve better results in less time
  • Build momentum toward your goal
  • Dial down the stress
  • Overcome that overwhelmed feeling
  • Revive your energy
  • Stay on track
  • Master what matters to you

About the authors

Gary W Keller is an American entrepreneur who was born in the late 1950s, he made his fortunes in real estate, came from humble beginnings and is known as a great educator.   Jay Papasan is an American writer and business executive whose love of words dates right back to his teenage years – his skill is borne out by the clever way the book tells its story.  This book has brought these authors more than 350 Best Seller appearances along with a host of other accreditations.  It has appeared pretty much across the board, with Number 1 Wall Street Journal Best Seller, Amazon Best Seller, New York Times and USA TODAY Best Sellers under their belts.

What to take from this book

The simple message that you get from this book is that in order to achieve what you want in life, you’ve got to be single-minded, have a one-track mind and do what you’re best at.  The book is uncannily intuitive the way it presents the lies that block your life and exposes the things that steal your time.  Focusing on purpose, priority and productivity, you’ll put down this book having been on a journey of discovery where your ‘One Thing’ has been exposed.  And that could be the road-map to the success you’re so yearning.

Who should read The One Thing?

Anyone who has had enough of being on the hamster wheel, no matter whether that’s a busy mum or a CEO that’s about to crash will benefit from reading this book.  Not only is it an easy and pleasurable read, it takes you on a journey of discovery that could change the way you look at and do everything.

3 great reasons to read this book

  1. It’s a really pleasurable read, written by people who’ve ‘been there, done that’.
  2. It has an uncanny way of helping you find what’s blocking your success and giving you a method to unblock it.
  3. It’s surprisingly simple and could just be the secret sauce your life needs.

The Power of Habit (Charles Duhigg)

The Power of Habit

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About the book

Everyone has habits.  Some are good, some are bad.  But we all know that habits can be hard to break; particularly those habits that we don’t want any longer.  This entry in the best personal development books list focuses on the fact that habits are a cue-routine-reward loop.  In other words, something happens to trigger the routine (habit) and goes on to deliver a reward.  Unlike some other habit breaking methods, this book doesn’t encourage changing the cue, it encourages changing the routine and leaving the cue and reward untouched.

Putting willpower on centre stage, this book suggests that the amount of willpower we have can be increased.  It portrays willpower as a muscle that needs a regular workout for it to remain strong.  When described in this way, this notion helped me visualise the positive outcomes of breaking my habit.

Serving up advice in a bite-sized chunk way, this book is highly credible both on a personal and a professional level.  Exploring the importance of habits when it comes to the likes of marketing isn’t only interesting, it’s revealing and scary at times.  A really compelling read, this book should be on your habit-breaking list, that’s for sure.

About the Charles Duhigg

A Yale graduate, born in 1974 in New Mexico, Charles Duhigg is a journalist for the New York Times and has written two books – this one and Smarter, Faster, Better: The secrets of Being Productive in Life and in Business.  The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business was published in 2012 and spent well over a year on The New York Times (NYT) best seller list.  Smarter, Faster, Better came to the market in the first quarter of 2016 and became a NYT best seller almost immediately.

The takeaways from this book

This book provides a powerful understanding of why we have the habits we have and gives us a credible and simple way out of the habits we’ve outgrown.  It digs deep into scientific discoveries and shares compelling and inspirational stories to set you off on the right track - without your habit.

Who should read it?

Anyone who’s keen to kick a bad habit or create a new, better habit should read this book.  Irrespective of whether you’re a chain-smoker or want to lose weight though a healthier approach to life, this book will give you a great leg up by helping you understand how habits are formed and how to break them.  Exploring habits in society, organisations and at an individual level, it is equally suited to ambitious professionals and people who simply want a result.  No matter what the reader’s habit, this book truly has a solution for everyone.

Reasons to read this book

  1. The author Charles Duhigg’s approach is backed by science, yet is accessible, credible and motivational at the same time.
  2. The examples shared in the book bring his theory to life and help you see your own habit-free future more clearly.
  3. It’s a recent book that takes into account the pressures we are all under right here, right now to hold on to our habits, and yet still helps us break them.

The Chimp Paradox (Dr Steve Peters)

The Chimp Paradox

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About the book

“Your inner Chimp can be your best friend or your worst enemy…this is the Chimp Paradox”.  This quote from the book sums this book up perfectly and already you’ll have a clear picture in your mind’s eye about where it’s going.  Challenging you to take a journey of discovery around whether you sabotage your own happiness and success, whether you really “get” what you’re about and if you let your emotions rule your actions, it is a must read for anyone seeking more control over their wellbeing.

Coming from a position of strength, thanks to his academic accolades, in particular, Professor Steve Peters advocates that we all have an inner being – which he refers to as a “chimp”.  This chimp is in our minds and can drive us to places we either don’t or no longer want to go.  He suggests it’s the taming of this beast that will get us to where we want to be.

Promising improved health, a rise in confidence, more happiness and greater success, Peters provides a mind management method to tame the chimp within and take control.  This book is all about realising your potential; personal or professional.  Backed up by the likes of Victoria Pendleton, Sir Chris Hoy and Steven Gerrard, when you choose The Chimp Paradox, you know you’re dealing with a tool that has helped some of the finest.

About the author

Born in Middlesbrough, the UK in 1953, Professor Steve Peters is a consultant psychiatrist who has specialised in clinical psychiatry for more than two decades. He is also an athlete who came to athletics later in life and irrespective of that has achieved several World Masters Champion Titles and World Records in his sector.  Undergraduate Dean at Sheffield University Medical School he works closely with celebrities in the sporting arena as well as CEOs, senior executives, students and ordinary folk looking to manage their minds to improve their performance.

The takeaways

This book takes you on a journey of greater self-awareness as well as a heightened understanding of how you deal with the people around you.  The outcome is improved health, happiness, success and confidence.  While not everyone will tick every box in the book, there is a whole selection of worthwhile takeaways to be had in this reading.

Who should read this The Chimp Paradox?

Anyone seeking to improve performance; professional or personal, from the inside out would hugely benefit from this reading.  Highly acclaimed and highly credible, it is an easy read and will provide you with a clear framework of action.

3 reasons to read this book

  1. Professor Steven Peters personal and professional achievements make this book one of the most credible in its field.
  2. It’s an easy and enjoyable read.
  3. It’ll take you step by step through what you need to do to change your outcomes and get to where you want to be.

The 4-Hour Body (Tim Ferriss)

The 4-Hour Body

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About The 4-Hour Body

This book promises to show you how you can achieve the impossible.  The 4-Hour Body by Timothy (Tim) Ferriss is based on the experience of 1 ‘human guinea pig’, 10 years of experiments and consultations with more than 100 scientists – so it certainly wasn’t a solution dreamt up overnight.

It draws us in with questions like - imagine if you could:

Lift 500 pounds

Run 100 miles and

Lose 100 pounds

It shows ordinary people doing extraordinary things, making us believe that we can do those things too.  It tells us that we can prevent fat gain while binge eating, how to increase fat-loss using bags of ice and how we can thrive on only 2 hours of sleep a night.  Add to that the sexual heights and superhuman powers it claims to deliver and it’s surprising that the queues to buy aren’t right down the street.  It all sounds too good to be true.  But is it?

The book is based on far-reaching research, tons of testing and comes from a highly credible source as well as being a compulsive read.  Wary of its claims, I found myself reading this book and trying to find fault, but failed. While I have yet to lift 500 pounds, run 100 miles or lose 100 pounds, it certainly inspired me to try things I wouldn’t otherwise have thought of.  I’d strongly encourage you to give it a go and see what it brings for you.

About the Tim Ferriss

Born in 1977, author Timothy (Tim) Ferris came from humble beginnings but certainly rubs shoulders with the rich and famous today.  Having recently published Tools of Titans, it’s clear to see that this guy has the ear of some of the most influential movie stars, athletes, military and high flyers around.  Also known for his book The 4-Hour Workweek, Ferris is modest when it comes to his success.  He puts himself forward simply as the vehicle that gets the message out each time he hits gold with his books.  In his own words, he stands on the shoulders of giants.

The takeaways

This entrant in our best personal development books list leaves you feeling like you can achieve anything.  The clever way it’s written instils a real inner confidence in your own capability.  It has interesting tips, tricks and tactics and will certainly leave you motivated for change.

Who should read this?

Anyone planning a transformation, either in fitness levels or body image should read this book.  No matter whether your goals are going to stretch you to your physical or psychological limits or you simply need a helping hand to achieve your transformation, this book will certainly tick your boxes.

Why you should read this book

  1. It is reported to have produced some amazing results for ordinary people.
  2. It comes from a credible source.
  3. It will leave you invigorated and raring to embark on your transformational journey.

Tools Of Titans (Tim Ferriss)

Tools of Titans

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About the book

As soon as you hear the words, Tim Ferris, you know you’re going to get a good read.  And it’s safe to describe Tools of Titans, published in December 2016, as groundbreaking.  Based on a two-year project where he interviewed nearly 200 high flyers, this book gives you a real insight into what makes people like movie stars, athletes, Special Operations commanders and even black-market biochemists tick.

Written in a light but truly engaging way, this book pulls together the real insights that Ferriss has exposed.  It is a real original and will probably go down as one of the greats.  It’s full of tools, tactics, tips and lessons that will inspire, motivate and direct you to a better you.

A book that exposes early morning routines, workout styles, reading habits, frustrations and even the supplements that the rich and famous take, you leave this read feeling like you’ve had a real inside track into another world.  So if you’re someone who aspires to move in the right circles and do the right things, this is the book for you.

About the author

This author is the only one to have 2 books in this list of best personal development books 2017.

An extremely modest and self-confessed NOT self-made man, Timothy or Tim Ferriss puts his success down to the fire in his belly.  The fire that he describes dates back to his childhood when his life was humble.  When he shuns the self-made title, it’s not because he came from a rich background.  In fact, his background was quite the opposite.  The riches he puts his success down to were the giants ‘on whose shoulders he stood’.  He lists his parents and people who let them sleep on their couches while he was setting out his journey as the people who led him.  Born in 1977, the American author went to Princeton University and is arguably best known for his somewhat controversial but highly popular and acclaimed The 4-Hour Workweek.

The takeaways from this book

This book cuts to the chase and gives you the tools and tactics that modern-day titans use to carve their path to success.  With a very specific focus on the likes of morning routines, workouts and reading habits, you can model your own life around what you learn as you read.  Tim Ferriss leaves you in no doubt that these tactics work and that they are the things that have allowed him to change his life.  If you want to change yours, they’re there for the taking.

Why read this book?

Anyone who’s serious about adopting a lifestyle that will set them on the road to success would benefit from reading this book.  The way it drills down to details in specific areas provides an arguably unique framework on which to lay out your own foundations for success.  Written with humour and warmth, no matter whether you’re a firing on all cylinders CEO or a young mum of two, you have a lot to get from this reading.

Reasons to read this book

  1. It contains a pretty much unrivalled insight into the lives of the rich, successful and famous.
  2. Although it’s a big read, it’s a journey of discovery that will hook you from beginning to end.
  3. It’ll provide great inspiration for making real change in your life.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen R Covey)

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About the book

This book is a real standard-bearer in terms of personal self-development books. From my point of view, it’s the perfect read for anyone starting out on a journey of self-development discovery. It’ll help you lay important foundations in your thinking leaving the other books higher up this list to take you deeper and fill in more of the practical application on this subject. I particularly like this book because it provides a step-by-step approach to living a fair, honest and dignified life. Its message is motivational and admirable in equal measure. It also provides principles that help us to adapt to change and take advantage of the opportunities that change brings.

The 7 habits outlined in the book are:

  1. Be proactive.
  2. Begin with the end in mind.
  3. Put first things first.
  4. Think win-win.
  5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
  6. Synergise.
  7. Sharpen the saw.

About the author

An author, businessman and speaker from the US, Stephen R Covey died from complications following a bicycle accident in 2012, aged 79. He wrote several books, of which this book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, was the most popular.

The key messages

Covey makes the case that to be truly effective in life you need to make sure that you have clear goals and progress those goals into actions. He maintains that the best way to achieve this is to create lasting relationships with others, interact with them in a beneficial way for both you and them, and to strive for a life that is well balanced in every respect.

Other books on this list focus on goal setting and acting proactively in an ordered way, but Covey encourages trying to ensure that you as a person set yourself on the right path. Maybe it was his religious background that brought this to the fore? Who knows?

Throughout the book, Covey spends time getting you to focus on forming good relationships with others and building “emotional bank accounts” with the aim of producing win-win outcomes for all. He advocates openness, respect for and understanding of others as a forerunner to being understood yourself.

This book takes the stance that we are able to “programme” ourselves by learning from outside influences and adapting in order to achieve our aims. And ultimately the book focuses on you and your willingness to proactively take control of your fate. It is an inspirational read.

Who should read this book?

Anyone who is starting out a journey of self-development discovery should have this book on their radar. It will give you a great starting point on your journey. If you are someone who believes in ‘what goes around comes around’ or are interested in a more joined-up approach to life, then this book is sure to appeal. It’s a light read and will leave you with an appetite for more.

3 reasons to read this book

  1. It is a standard-bearer in the self-development field.
  2. It provides positive direction in an easy to follow, step-by-step way.
  3. It’s a feel-good read that cleverly intertwines achieving goals and enhancing relationships.

Think & Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)

Think & Grow Rich

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About this book

Originally published in 1937, this book has been updated to encapsulate modern-day personalities and ideologies.  Arguably one of the first of its kind, it is a true classic, that is equally appealing today as it was when it launched.

This book advocates that your drive and determination is what decides whether or not you will achieve your goals.  It claims that in order to move forward we need to have a “burning desire” for something.  Only by having that burning desire can we push ourselves hard enough to succeed.

If you know what you want but are struggling to get there, then this book should help make your journey a whole lot easier.  Using a structured method and auto-suggestion, it takes you down a path of discovery where it gets you to drill deep on the why, the when and the how much of your goals.  It makes it crystal clear that fuzzy goal-setting isn’t what successful people do.  Its direct approach leaves you in no doubt about what you need to do to get you to where you want to be.

Setting out a clear methodology for planning your route to success, this book is ideal for anyone starting out on a self-development or self-help discovery.  It is a read that aims to fill you with self-confidence and unwavering faith in yourself.

Napoleon Hill

Surprisingly the author of this book was born in 1883.  Hailing from Appalachian Town in Southwest Virginia he is recognised as one of the trailblazers when it comes to personal success writing.  Think and Grow Rich was published in 1937 and was one of the best-selling books of all time when he died in 1970.  One of the most famous teachers of success, Hill draws inspiration from the likes of Carnegie, Edison, Ford and other successful personalities of his time.  The updated version is the work of Arthur R Pell who is well known in the US for his application of Hill’s work.

What to take from the book

The updated version of Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich will help you to believe in the power within yourself.  His solid belief that once you can harness that you can achieve anything is infectious and addictive, leaving you wanting to take action.

Who should read it?

Anyone who has a clear goal in mind and is serious about achieving it would benefit from reading this book.  Irrespective of your walk of life, age or the nature of your goal, the clear, confident path that this book takes you down should see you making significant changes to your approach that will hugely increase your chances of success.

3 great reasons to read this book

  1. Now revised and updated, it is one of the original personal success books and has truly stood the test of time.
  2. It will help you unleash the real power in yourself.
  3. It's practical and logical methodology is clear and easy to follow, which eases your journey significantly.

Unlimited Power (Anthony Robbins)

Unlimited Power

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About the Unlimited Power

Feeling unfulfilled is something that affects millions of people. At a very basic level it can make you feel hopeless, but at a more serious level it can lead to depression and giving up on life. If you feel as if you’re just existing in life and feeling hopelessly unfulfilled, then reach out for the lifeline this book offers. It will show you how to:

Speedily reprogramme your mind so you can free yourself of fears and phobias

Achieve boundless health and energy levels

Enjoy better relationships with others

Communicate with confidence

Remodel yourself by emulating successful role models

These are big claims, but this self-help book is extremely persuasive in its approach which draws you in and convinces you of its power. A book that is as suited to stay-at-home mums as busy board members, there’s no arguing with the number of people who claim to have been positively influenced by this book and the huge effect they say it has had on their lives.

About the author

Born in 1960 in North Hollywood, California, Tony Robbins or Anthony Robbins to give him is full name, is a highly charismatic, well-known businessman, author and philanthropist who is often hailed as THE self-help guru. With huge personal wealth and a string of renowned self-help books and products behind him, there’s no getting away from his popularity. Having had a tough childhood, Robbins excelled in achievement - in many ways against the odds. This is arguably what makes his writing so credible and accessible to ordinary people.

What are the main points?

The main takeaway from this book is that power isn’t something to hold over other people, it’s something you need to harness in yourself if you are going to live the life you really want. This book instils a real feeling of ‘if he or she can do it, so can I’ and that’s its goal. Written in Robbins early years, this book introduces a 4-step process that he later went on to develop called the Ultimate Success Formula. This introductory book will give you a great taster of what you might get in his later books, helping you decide if the Tony Robbins route is the right route for you.

Who should read this book?

Anyone who is focused on success and feels as if they would benefit from a structured methodology to help them achieve that success should read this book. It doesn’t matter if your goals are personal or professional, through clever use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) concepts, Robbins could be your answer.

3 great reasons to read this book

  1. Anthony Robbins is arguably one of the best-known and most highly acclaimed self-help gurus in the world today and this book will give you an insight into his methodology and his approach.
  2. It is a great introduction to NLP and will help you decide if this sort of approach is right for you.
  3. It will give you a simple set of actions that you can put into place to change your life.

The Power of Consistency (Weldon Long)

The Power of Consistency

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About the book

If this book could be summed up in a nutshell, that nutshell would be ‘think and you shall have’.

Bring up the rear in our selection of best personal devlopment books is one that empowers us to believe that it is our ongoing thoughts that lead to our actions and ultimate achievement. The Power of Consistency is all about consistently telling yourself what you want, so your actions will be affected by those thoughts and you will achieve your goals painlessly. In other words, this book says that you need to set out your stall in your mind in order to achieve what you want in your life or in your business.

Using what he calls a Personal Prosperity Plan, Long lays out a simple process that you can follow to achieve great things in your personal and professional life. Introducing you to the power of focus and your subconscious, it will take you on a journey of focus, emotional connection, action and responsibility as a way of achieving in life. One of the best quotes to sum this book up comes from the author himself and it is:

“Your thoughts drive your emotions. Your emotions drive your actions. Your actions drive your results.”

Long’s message is clear. Change your thoughts, change your life - and he shows you how in this book. It is a powerful and empowering read.

About the author

Often hailed as a self-made success, Weldon Long came from a care-home background, was a high school dropout, a derelict dad and a prison inmate. But he has certainly turned the corner. His roots are what makes his story incredibly compelling. Motivated by the Dr Steven Covey book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that he read whilst in prison, Long rebuilt his own life and became a man he could himself love again when he was released. Today he presents motivational speeches and rubs shoulders with the rich and famous.

What to take from this book

This book doesn’t just tell you that you should aim higher, it shows you, step by step how to go about it. Albeit a complex theory that Long puts forward, his instructions are simple and easy for anyone to follow. The story is inspirational and true and makes you hold on to the belief that it will work. If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself creating your Prosperity Plan before you’ve even finished reading the book!

Who should read this book?

Anyone who feels as if they’re not making the progress they want with other approaches would benefit from trying Long’s approach. Not only will you be touched by Long’s story, it will inspire you to look beyond what you’ve tried before that hasn’t worked. If you’ve been in search of a practical, clear, precise guide this is possibly it.

3 great reasons to read this book

  1. It provides a clear and easy to follow step-by-step process to achieving success.
  2. It is accessible and backed by the fact that Long himself got out of a horrible situation using this methodology.
  3. It is an inspirational ‘against all odds’ tale that will inspire you – it certainly inspired me.

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