Best Razor For Men 2019

Gillette Fusion ProGlide

The Holy Grail of the perfect men’s shave is what shaving companies have been striving for over many decades. With the Gillette Fusion ProGlide we think they have edged a good step closer.

The Gillette blades are combined with a handle that incorporates a moving ball, which ensures a close shave with one single stroke. The ball mechanism ensures that the blades hug the skin, even over uneven contours, pivoting in multiple directions as it goes.

The 4 blades are Gillette’s thinnest yet and combined with a Lubastrip combine to give a smooth and effective shave. A stabilizer keeps the blades on track, while the built-in suspension gives the ultimate feeling of comfort. An integral guard then clears away excess gel/foam.

There is also a trimmer on the back for dealing with edging of hair.

It’s a near-perfect bundle of shaving excellence!

Dorco Pace 6+

dorco pace 6+At first glance six blades may seem a bit like overkill, compared to the often standard four blades, however using the Pace 6+ would soon change your mind. Through the increase in thin, sharp blades the Pace 6+ covers a larger area and consistently produces a very smooth shave with little irritation.

The razor also offers a lubrication strip to instantly rehydrate your skin and prevent any irritated skin. This time-saving feature stops you having to prolong the process by moisturising after you wet shave.

The flexing hinge manages to neatly flow around the contours of the face, even if it may be tricky to get under the nose due to the wide blades. Therefore Dorco has provided a single blade on the back of the razor, which proves a nice touch that certainly solves the issue.

The Dorco Pace 6+ provides great competition to the range of Gillette razors on the market, with a fantastic price tag to accompany it.

And surely the more blades the better...

Merkur 34C

merkur 34cUsing a razor can be a daunting process at first, ultimately wanting to get the smoothest shave possible with the least cuts and scratches. The stylish German Merkur razor appears to do exactly just that.

The Merkur 34C provides a much closer shave than cartridges, with a shorter handle to allow near perfect control and balance when carefully shaving with small movements. The weight is also spot on, causing just the right amount of pressure to be applied, preventing any irritating cuts to occur.

This heavy duty razor has a premium feel and look with a quality chrome finish. The safety guard on the 34C means it's perfect for beginners in the world of razors, adding that extra caution.

It's a great introductory razor that is sure to last, so don't miss out!

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5

wilkinson sword hydro 5Wilkinson Sword introduces an impressive and very affordable razor, that provides impressive outcomes. The Hydro 5 is a five-blade razor that offers very sharp blades to give that smooth cut after every shave.

The razor certainly delivers with its’ ‘hydrating gel' strip, effectively moisturising the skin whilst most importantly avoiding irritation. When compared, the Hydro 5 also appears to last twice as long before having to change the cartridge.

The razor has a pleasing smooth design, and with its thin sharp blades, it doesn't seem to have any noticeable problems with the blades getting too clogged up, as can be experienced with some razors.

The Hydro 5 is a great deal from Wilkinson Sword offering the razor and refill blades all in one neat package.

Edwin Jagger D891 Chrome Plated

edwin jagger de891

This quality looking chrome plated razor from Edwin Jagger is a worthy addition to the list.

The 3.3-inch inch handle provides fantastic balance alongside the lined design, in which you gain that much needed extra grip to allow steady control over the razor.

Angling the blades slightly down combined with the safety element on this razor, all significantly reduces the risk of those dreaded cuts.

So when used in combination with quality shaving cream and the all important brush, this razor really will deliver on that ultimate shave.