Best Wireless Headphones 2019

You might think that it is a stretch to suggest that a pair of wireless headphones are an important element of achieving an easier life, but in our experience, good music delivered comfortably is regarded as essential.

If you agree with that view then you will know that there are a lot of contenders for the accolade of best wireless headphones. However, we have brought together some of the best for 2019 and reviewed them so that you can decide which combination of comfort, quality and cost is going to suit you.


Here is our list of top best wireless headphones for 2019:

ProductBattery Life (Max.)Weight 
Bose QuietComfort 3520 hours236gView on Amazon
Plantronics Backbeat Pro 224 hours290gView on Amazon
Sony MDR-1000X20 hours277gView on Amazon
Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT38 hours680gView on Amazon

Bose QuietComfort 35 - All round high quality yet expensive

Bose QuietComfort 35

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I’m sure you’re aware of, or have at least heard of, Bose and especially their reputation of leading the way in noise cancelling technology. Needless to say, the latest version of their wireless headphones certainly keep that status very much alive.

Exceptional noise cancellation

With the QC35, Bose have produced, once again, headphones with exceptional noise cancellation. Even sudden loud noises on a busy street, such as the shutting of a car door, are cancelled and do not affect the listening experience. Further, with the very natural way the QC35 cancels outside noise, you can’t fail to miss the quality of the sound.


The QC35 provides fantastically well-balanced sound with all areas being represented well. Vocals, instruments and particularly the bass notes are all distinct from each other. The bass, which is often an issue, is thankfully not overpowering but instead exciting enough to compliment the music without completely drowning everything else out. Although at times it feels the base needs more punch, this, however, could be down to a matter of personal opinion.

These headphones may be on the large side, having big ear cushions against your ears (due to the noise cancelling features), however comfort are definitely not an issue when using them for long periods of time. But, all that being said, the headphones are on the heavier side, meaning if size is an important factor to you then there are lighter and more portable wireless headphones on the market.

Solid battery life

Their battery life comes in at around a very solid 20 hours and if you find you run out of juice at any point you have the option of plugging in the included audio cable. With not noticeably losing any sound quality when wireless and more than enough with 33 feet Bluetooth range (if not further when tested), it boasts impressive wireless reach.

There is no denying that the QC35 is at the top of its game in terms of sound quality and noise cancellation and although it may lack many added features, with its smooth, quality looking design and simple volume controls it still can be considered a rather good deal, even with its price tag at around £329. All in all, a worthy entry into our best wireless headphones guide.

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 - Great value headphones with style

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

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Moving into the lower priced range of wireless headphones, Plantronics have produced great value headphones with all the main features included.

Getting what you pay for

As you might have guessed certain features do not stand up to the high quality of the more expensive Bose or Sony headphones. However, this is an example of the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’. The noise cancelling feature, at the press of a button, produces a mostly uninterrupted listening experience 80% of the time, removing the majority of background noise. However, it is definitely not as complete when compared to Bose’s headphones.

Impressive build quality

The build quality is particularly impressive, with them feeling very solidly built but still lightweight, and very comfortable to wear. The headphones have a premium looking design and simple controls on the ear to conveniently change the music or volume when needed. The audio being clear and well-rounded results in a very pleasant listening experience.

Unlike a lot of headphones, Plantronics offer a couple of handy features with the Pro 2. Firstly, sensors cause the music to pause once the headphones are taken off. This comes as a nice extra to have, even though at times the sensors maybe a little too sensitive. The other is the ‘open listening mode’, allowing you to be alert and hear the outside surroundings whilst you play your favourite tunes, doing exactly as stated.

Good battery life

Battery life was not a problem with these headphones. With 24-hour battery life on a single charge, you really don’t need to worry about charging these very often. And, the lights on the side of the headphones give a very helpful indication as to when these handsome headphones need to be put on charge, with of course the option of using the supplied audio cable when needed.

So if you’re on the hunt for wireless headphones under the £300 mark, at Motivating Words we believe you can count on these fantastic value headphones.

Sony MDR-1000X - Great noise cancellation

Sony MDR-1000X - best wireless headphones contender

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It is clear Sony is not here to mess around, as it attempts to push into the high-end noise cancelling market with the latest MDR-1000X wireless headphones, and boy has it made an impact. When it comes to judging which are the best wireless headphones available these could not be omitted from the list.

Excellent noise cancelling

As expected the headphones don’t disappoint with their noise cancelling. Finding that through multiple loud environments, such as rush hour traffic and different music playing, these headphones could handle all of them without a struggle. In fact, the noise cancellation is so good you can even pick out fine details in the music through all the external noise.

Clear sound quality

The sound quality is noticeably clear, with, as previously mentioned, a wide range of detailed sound. The best way to explain is that the music seems a lot ‘fuller’, very much as if you were experiencing a concert, with the drums having a large impact. However one complaint is that the headphones are a bit thin at the base end overall genres of music, so bear that in mind before purchasing these high-end headphones.

Rich with features, these Sony headphones show off the Quick Attention feature, which is probably the most useful headphone feature recently added. It allows you to dim the music right down in order to hear what’s going on around you, all just by holding your hand over the right ear or the press of a button. This feature works phenomenally well and is perfect for anyone who travels on public transport, works in an office, or from home, which covers the majority of people.

Touch sensitive controls

Along with a large number of newer headphones, the 1000X has simple touch sensitive controls that prove very responsive and easy to use. Whilst the battery life gives you a decent, but definitely not the best, 20 hours of listening time. It annoyingly doesn’t provide a low battery noise or message. It just dies, which proves a little frustrating.

To be clear, there are certainly more pros than cons, as these would be a great buy if you’re searching for wireless headphones with superb noise cancellation and useful features. It’s just surpassed slightly in certain key areas such as comfort, sound quality and price, when compared the Bose QC35, its high-end headphone rival.

Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT - Decent low budget option

Audio Technica ATH-SR5BT

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If decent low budget wireless headphones are what you’re looking for, then look no further, Audio-Technica’s wireless headphones are the ones for you.

Large battery life

Straightaway you need to know these headphones have a whopping battery life of 38 hours from one single five-hour charge. Needless to say, if long-lasting wireless headphones are what you’re looking for, these are probably the pair for you.

Comfort built in

Comfort is certainly not an issue, and with it’s lightweight and portable design these will definitely be perfect for those long listening sessions. They take up very little space in your bag and can barely notice them on your ears, or around your neck, after extended periods of time, which comes as a nice change from some others.

Although as they do not wrap around the entire ear, they of course do not block all the background noise, neither do they provide any noise cancellation feature, however, this is obviously due to the budget price Audio-Technica are offering. That said they do block some noise out, which was more than expected.

Quality sound

The headphones offer impressive, clean, quality sound that is thankfully not for the bass-heads. They play particularly well with live and acoustic music, delivering in the detail. And as Audio-Technica is proud to promote, as they should be, these headphones can achieve Hi-Res audio. Just keep in mind this is only over a wired connection, but still, a nice feature to have.

Up to eight devices can be stored in the memory of the device, which makes it nice and simple to hook up and switch all your devices up to the headphones, along with connecting via NFC the devices can be paired and connected with just a tap.

These are, no doubt, the overall best value wireless headphones, and particularly out does all the competition with their enormous battery life.

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