How To Lose Weight In 2019

Warning: This page contains general information about dieting, diet books and how to lose weight and should be treated as such. We make no claims about any medical aspects and if you have medical conditions or any concerns then you should seek medical advice.

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The New Evolution Diet (Arthur De Vany)

The New Evolution Diet - a how to lose weight book

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About the book

The New Evolution Diet reveals that although we’ve come a very long way over the years, our DNA is almost the same as our caveman ancestors. Today we benefit from significant advances in technology, medicine and science. People receive medical treatment that is groundbreaking, yet as a population, we’re way less healthy than our ancestors. Problems such as heart conditions and diabetes in particular simply weren’t issues for our forefathers and de Vany puts this down to the foods we eat.

This book shows that the sweet tooth and desire for fatty foods that we have today is a result of our environment more than our evolution. Such foods started to creep into modern day life as rare treats and are today making up a large part, if not the largest part of many people’s daily routine. This book puts forward the fact that our bodies are being subjected to things that they weren’t created to deal with when it comes to nutrition. Add to this, the sedentary lifestyles that nearly all of us live and this is spelling disaster pretty much across the board.

de Vany puts forward that the best way to counteract this negative shift in our lifestyles and our health is to turn the clock back. By going back to the style of eating that our ancestors would have enjoyed, he claims that we can feel full, burn fat, reduce blood sugar levels, feel full of boundless energy and enjoy a sense of fun.

A diet that’s based on 3 meals a day that consists of non-starchy vegetables, fruits and lean proteins, you can even skip means from time to time to promote a low fasting blood insulin level. Although modern day, processed foods, dairy and carbs are excluded, if you follow the diet fully, there’s no reason why you should be hungry.

About the author

A man that looks much younger than his years, Arthur de Vany was born in 1937 in the United States and is a well-known economist who studied various aspects of the Hollywood film industry prior to getting involved in evolutionary fitness and diet.

The takeaways

The main takeaway from this book is that we’re putting our bodies through a daily regime that they’re not made to deal with and that’s why so many people are coming up against so many weight and health issues. By turning the clock back and eating like our ancestors ate, we can expect significant weight loss and health benefits.

Who should read this book?

Anyone who wants a simple, back to basics way of eating in order to lose weight, normalise cholesterol and boost energy then The New Evolution Diet is well worth considering. Also, if you want a weight loss solution that allows you to shop in a non-fad way, this is your solution.

3 great reasons to read this book

  1. You’ll lose weight, gain muscle and feel great.
  2. It goes right back to basics and will leave you feeling energised.
  3. There is a certain romance about the notion of the whole caveman approach.

Tom Kerridge's Dopamine Diet (Tom Kerridge)

Dopamine Diet

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About the Dopamine Diet book

Tom Kerridge is a mere shadow of his former self. Trimming more than 140lbs, 10 stones or 63.5kg from his body, he is left brimming with sparkle and energy. Thanks to a regime focused on protein, fruit and vegetables, there’s not much ‘fad’ about his diet. In fact, as you can imagine, with such a foodie character, his programme is focused on delicious, appetising meals that look and smell great.

A man who has always enjoyed his food, Tom Kerridge set about losing weight keen not to cut out everything he loves on his plate. And with particular emphasis on avoiding carbohydrates and alcohol, the outcome is quite astounding.

Anyone can follow his five-step programme and enjoy great results without deprivation and without starvation. This truly is the ideal diet for a foodie with a big desire to lose weight and a bit of willpower. In fact, he is so confident that you’ll love his diet, he promotes it as a diet that makes you happier as you get slimmer!

So what’s the secret? The secret to Tom’s weight loss programme is that the foods he recommends, such as dairy, unprocessed meats, omega-3 fish and eggs, as well as vegetables, fruit, nuts and dark chocolate all boost dopamine, which affects the reward and pleasure centres in our brains.

Although alcohol, caffeine, processed sugars and carbs are off limits, there’s no getting away from the fact that this diet has a real feel-good factor about it. This is probably what makes it such a success long-term.

About Tom Kerridge

Tom Kerridge is a TV celebrity chef. Born in 1973, he’s known for his cheeky grin and his west country accent. He runs a gastro-pub with his wife Beth and not long after opening was awarded a Michelin star, with a second following some 5 years later, making his the first ever pub to boast 2 Michelin stars.

The takeaways from this book

Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet shows that you can lose weight, enjoy good food and feel happy, all at the same time. A man who, granted, had much weight to lose, he truly is a testament to how this diet can truly change your life and your looks.

Who should read this? 

Anyone who loves good food and fears that a diet will leave them yearning for a tasty plate of food should check this diet out. With very few restrictions it’ll leave you free to eat out and enjoy many of your favourite foods without feeling as if you’re being deprived. A method that’s now been tested and tried by many, there are plenty who are a testament to its effectiveness, and the fact that it truly does leave you feeling happier than before.

3 reasons to use this book

  1. You want to lose weight, but you still want to enjoy a wide variety of fresh and delicious food.
  2. You know that dieting normally makes you feel miserable and that’s why you give up. With this book, you’ll get the happy fix as you go.
  3. You want a solution that you can adapt to real life and not feel as if you can’t go out and enjoy yourself while you’re on your weight loss campaign.

The 4-Hour Body (Tim Ferriss)

The 4-Hour Body

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About the book

Tim Ferris makes big claims about this book. Part of a series of 4-hour books written and championed by Ferris, he claims you can lose 20 pounds of fat in only 30 days without the need to exercise and achieve a 15-minute orgasm as well as being able to survive with only catnaps throughout the day. Although the medical profession slates Ferriss for his claims, there is no doubt that Tim Ferriss has got something.

Admitting he wrote the book to showcase his writing and storytelling skills rather than because he considered himself a weight loss expert, he also reportedly did it because he didn’t want to be known solely as the 4-hour workweek guy. That said, he has been quoted as having followed the programme himself for years and certainly looks great.

Ferriss pretty much says “No” to all carbs, but particularly white carbs, as well as fruit and dairy. What he does allow for is one day per week when you can eat whatever you want. Also allowing 2 glasses of red wine each night, Ferriss’s approach is repetitive but helps avoid the temptation of eating the wrong things.

Ferriss is also an advocate of shocking the body with ice and cold water in order to promote weight loss, an approach which is supported by some others, but they suggest drinking ice cold water before eating rather than showering in it. A lover of adventure, this book is no exception to Ferriss’s others which are a veritable feast of stories and tales.

About the author

A guy who hails from a humble background, Tim Ferriss is very gracious when it comes to acknowledging the importance of the support he got from others on his route to success. Born in 1977, Ferriss now has a string of books to his name, all of which may seem a tiny bit far-fetched, but nonetheless are always a great and entertaining read.

What to take from this book

A somewhat restrictive diet this may be, but its promises of more than peak performance in pretty much every area of your life makes it really tempting. With the suggestion that you will reach your peak personal potential within a matter of weeks with only 4 hours per week investment, it is jam-packed with before and after photos and recipes to keep you on track. You will end this book raring to go and looking forward to the results.

Who should read The 4-Hour Body?

Any fans of fast-paced, energetic personal stories will simply love the tales that Ferriss shares here. Not only that, the promises of the change and the great results will keep you gripped and on track.

3 great reasons to use this book

  1. Tim Ferriss is a bit of a present-day legend and his books are entertaining as well as motivational.
  2. This book promises to take you on a path that’s not too onerous, but one that he says is truly paved with gold by the end.
  3. It allows you to choose the level of intensity you desire from simple to extreme, so truly does have something for everyone.

Good Calories, Bad Calories (Gary Taubes)

Good Calories Bad Calories

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About the book

Challenging the ‘fat is bad’ fad head on, Gary Taubes advocates that the only way to a slimmer you is to eat less and move more. Not rocket science it seems and don’t most of us know that? It could be argued that we do all know that, but if that’s the case, why is obesity and diabetes in particular so high? Why do we choose to ignore what we know and end up unhappy with the end result?

In his book, Taubes encourages us to make this self-examination and come to the realisation that we are the controllers of our own destiny.

Hailing refined carbohydrates as the villain of our time, the whole notion of what we believe to be healthy is challenged by Taubes in this book. Things like white flour, easily digested starches and sugars are what are most to blame for being overweight according to Taubes. So if you’re a ‘low fat is all I need’ type of person who has failed to achieve the weight loss or health results you’ve been looking for, this book will expose you to a whole new approach that’s credible and will lead you to a better way of life.

A book that has been described as shocking and unconventional, the arguments put forward by Taubes aren’t quite as far-fetched as some might claim. Starting its journey in the early noughties with a thesis, the notion that low-fat wasn’t all that was cracked up to be was rejected by many at the start. A heavy-weight book, it is as informative as it is useful and will challenge you to really question what you believe about food today. With the potential to change your whole approach to how you look at food and eating, this book is well worth adding to your diet and lifestyle booklist.

About the author

A scientist, Gary Taubes was born in 1956 in New York. A writer who has dedicated most of his recent work to health and weight loss through understanding how carbohydrates affect insulin in the body and thus create fat, his early work came at a time when the whole world believed that fat was the cause of all our weight problems.

What to take away

This book leaves you in no doubt that there’s more to being fat than eating too much fat. The science of how the body processes proteins, sugars, fats and other foodstuffs are explained in detail and leaves you with a clear view that Taube's recommendation for a healthier, slimmer you lies in cutting out complex carbs.

Who should read this book?

This book is well worth adding to your list if you’ve tried low-fat diets and failed. It’s also essential if you’re a sweet tooth or someone who reaches for the ‘sliced white’ when you’re feeling low. Also a useful read for anyone where there is a history of diabetes in their family, Taubes will take you on a journey that will have you questioning what you’ve been lead to believe most of your life about what you put into your body.

3 great reasons to read this book

  1. If you’re someone who likes to stay up to date with thinking in the diet and health sector, this is arguably a revolutionary read that should be on your list.
  2. If you’ve spent a lifetime counting grams of fat in the belief that it’s the reason for being overweight, but want to try a different approach, this book’s for you.
  3. If there’s someone in your family who’s suffering from diabetes and you’re fearful of coming up against the same problem, this book, alongside medical guidance of course, will set you on a low sugar journey to wellbeing.

The Paleo Diet (Loren Cordain)

The Paleo Diet

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About The Paleo Diet

Hailed as healthy, delicious and simple, the Paleo Diet is based on eating as much as you want (of certain things) and has taken the world by storm. Going back to the style of eating adopted by our ancestors, the Paleo Diet is focused on lean meat, fish, fresh fruit, healthy snacks and non-starchy veg as a way of keeping you satisfied. It promises great results over the longer term in relation to weight loss and improved health.

Focused on the makeup of the human body and what a healthy body expects to eat and processes best, Paleo takes us back to the eating habits of our ancestors. With plenty of research behind it, Paleo has been adopted by celebrities and fitness fanatics alike to great effect. A great way of looking and feeling superb from the inside out, the Paleo is perfect for anyone who isn’t looking for just a quick fix, but more a way of life to a healthier, slimmer self.

The book contains a range of updated material, new research and a wealth of recipes, which means that you’ll never be left wondering what you need to buy, cook or eat next. A clear and easy to follow method, the Paleo is for you if you want to lose up to 75 pounds, which equates to almost 5.5 stones or nearly 35kg and adopt a really healthy approach to food in the process.

About the author

Loren Cordain was born in 1950 in the USA. He’s a nutrition and exercise physiology scientist and founder of the Paleo Diet. A true academic, he’s no ‘guy from the television who’s lost a few pounds and decided to make his story into a diet book’. Cordain’s work is based on fact and research, which makes it not only credible but unlike many other diet books on the market today.

What you will learn

The Paleo Diet makes it clear that our environment has developed faster than our bodies, which were not made for the food we’re putting into them today. Similar in many ways to putting a modern day fuel into a car that’s not adapted to it, the machine simply doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. Studied carefully and adopted wholeheartedly, the Paleo Diet has the scope to change your whole approach to food. Not a quick fix, this could be the way you eat for the rest of your life.

Who should read it? 

Anyone who has tried quick-fix diets loved the short term results and then been frustrated by the resulting yo-yo weight gain would do well to try Paleo. A method based on similar eating habits to our great, great grandparents, it will have you feeling good and looking great in no time. More importantly, if it’s an approach that you enjoy, there’s no reason why you can’t adopt it for life.

Great reasons to read this book

  1. It’s created by a scientist and is based on a lifetime of scientific knowledge.
  2. It is no fad. It’s how our ancestors survived, thrived and lived (relatively) long in a time where medical breakthroughs were thin on the ground.
  3. It will have you looking your best from the inside out in a relatively short period of time without any real sacrifice on your part.

The Fast Diet (Dr Michael Mosley)

The Fast Diet

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About The Fast Diet book

With its roots in the UK, The Fast Diet owes its name to the fact that its principle is that you eat normally for 5 days of the week and fast for 2 days, thus the name it often gets, the 5:2 diet. The idea is that on the 2 days a week that you fast your calorie intake is drastically reduced, which means you can eat, but not very much at all. The plan is that on fast days, women can eat 500 calories per day and men 600, which represents anything between three and four times less than normal.

Although on your 5 non-fasting days, the book gives you freedom to eat whatever you want, it is reported that people who stuck to the 2 fasting days weren’t tempted to over-eat on the non-fasting days. On fasting days, the regime is reasonably simple and includes things like oatmeal, fruit, lean protein and vegetables. No alcohol is allowed or milk in tea or coffee, but apart from that the menus are relatively straightforward.

With a focus on fresh food in very small quantities on fasting days, the diet was developed following Dr Mosley’s discovery that he himself, albeit only a few pounds overweight had high cholesterol and rising blood sugar. Admitting that hunger can cause irritability and tiredness, Dr Mosley’s own experience on the diet was positive.

There are more and more people adopting this way of losing and controlling weight, and the main reason seems to be its simplicity. By choosing two days a week at the start when it’s convenient for you to change your food intake, you can see fast and impressive results. Not a diet for everyone and somewhat cautiously supported by the medical sector, there’s no doubt that if you’re an otherwise healthy person, this is an easy way of shedding excess pounds. And if you like the approach, keeping them off.

About the Dr Michael Mosley

Dr Michael Mosley is a British TV journalist, producer and presenter. Working for the BBC, he’s often seen rubbing shoulders with the likes of Professor Robert Winston and Sir David Attenborough. A Doctor ‘to trade’ he was drawn to the BBC to train as an assistant producer and has since made a whole host of TV programmes and series that have his unique, accessible style. In the writing of this book, he also worked with Mimi Spencer who is a UK journalist who writes for a range of top publications. Both of these authors have significant public profiles.

The takeaways

This book puts forward a simple and easy to adopt solution to rapid weight loss and weight maintenance. Particularly suited to people who like structure and don’t necessarily want to deprive themselves for a long period of time, the 2 fasting days do require willpower, but the reported results are positive and encouraging.

Who should read this book?

You should definitely read this book if you’re someone who doesn’t have the time or focus on signing up to a diet 7-days a week, but still, want to lose weight. It's simple and structured approach will also appeal to busy people as it doesn’t require anything more than normal grocery-store ingredients, focus and willpower which makes it nice and simple for anyone to manage.

Great reasons to read The Fast Diet

  1. It is reported as having worked as a weight loss and weight maintenance tool for many people.
  2. Its approach is simple to plan and put into place.
  3. It is claimed to provide significant health benefits in addition to weight loss.

Pure, White and Deadly (John Yudkin)

Pure, White and Deadly

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About the book

A book written by a British scientist, Pure White and Deadly, not surprisingly brings you Professor John Yudkin’s full and horrific story about sugar and why you should avoid it if you want to lose weight and improve your health. This book hit the Telegraph Newspaper’s Top Ten list and if you’re in any way concerned about how much sugar you consume, either knowingly or unknowingly, it is a must read.

Professor Yudkin provided evidence that demonstrated the dangers of sugar to our health as far back as 1972. In his words, sugar is killing us. It could be argued that if the medics and the food industry had paid heed to Yudkin’s findings back in the early 1970s we mightn’t be facing the horrific obesity epidemic we’re facing today. What’s more, the real threat that diabetes poses in developed countries, not to mention the increased risk of heart disease in significant sugar consumers may have been avoided.

This book is based on much research and academic study yet is still highly accessible to ordinary people. Recently updated by leading childhood obesity expert, Dr Robert Lustig, this read serves as a real warning to anyone who thinks their sugar consumption, known or unknown could be out of control. In recent years there has been a real shift away from the low-fat-focus that was on trend for anyone attempting to lose weight to a realisation that sugar in all its forms is actually scarier than fat. This book puts this into context and will have you scrutinising every label for hidden sugars once you’ve read it.

About John Yudkin

John Yudkin was born in 1910 and died in 1995 before the trend towards recognising the real dangers of sugar had been fully embraced. Although his book was first published in 1972 it was rejected by the medical profession and the food industry at the time. This was perhaps because it didn’t suit them to tackle the sugar industry at that moment. A physiologist and nutritionist, Yudkin left no holds barred in his sugar attack and his legacy is coming to the fore more and more; sadly, well after his death. The author of This Slimming Business and Eating for a Healthy Heart, Pure White and Deadly is undoubtedly his most notable work.

The takeaways from this book

Sugar is the cause of all evil. Everything from tooth decay to obesity, diabetes and heart attack is down to the amount of sugar we consume. The issue with sugar is that it is hidden in so many processed foods that it is sometimes very, very hard to spot.

Who should read this?

Anyone who would like to know more about the impact that sugar has on health and weight would benefit from reading this book. While its revelations might be quite alarming, they are equally likely to spark a real change in behaviour that could, if Professor Yudkin is correct, save your life.

3 great reasons to read this book

  1. It supports all the recent revelations of the real dangers of sugar from the man who arguably started the sugar war ahead of his time.
  2. It is based on scientific research, yet is accessible and easy to read.
  3. It demystifies the whole sugar debate that is going on right now and makes clear what is good news and what is bad news from a health point of view.

Eat to Live (John Fuhrman)

Eat to Live

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About the Eat to Live 

A weight loss methodology that’s based on nutrients and calorie counting, this book was first published in 2003 and has been revised several times since. The latest edition, which was updated in 2011 has been followed by 2 cookbooks to support the programme.

Raising issues such as toxic hunger and food addiction, this six-week plan promises great results. Training your body to eat better and more nutrient rich or nutrient dense food removes the desire to over-consume calories for the sake of it. Putting much over-eating down to cravings and habits, this approach is certainly one which will not only help you lose weight but will get you well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Jam-packed with recipes and menus, Dr Fuhrman leaves you feeling in control of what you’re going to eat and when, as well as promising that you will lose weight faster than you ever thought possible. This is quite a claim, but this book has certainly stood the test of time and I for one would recommend it.

Promising that it’s possible to shed the extra pounds, reverse heart disease and diabetes as well as many other diseases, Dr Fuhrman spreads his message in his books and on television globally. Criticised by some as being almost religious in his approach, Fuhrman’s style isn’t for everyone, but if it works for you, it’s sure to produce some great results.

About the author

This six times New York Times best-selling author is a renowned expert when it comes to nutrition and has 25 years’ track record when it comes to sustainable weight loss and reversal of heart disease, diabetes and the rest. Born in 1953, he was born in New York and in his 20s was a member of the US World Figure Skating Team. Following an injury that was treated by a naturopath, he took an interest in alternative medicine, and the rest, as they say, is history.

What to take away

The long-standing popularity of this book suggests that it is testament to the claim that with the right fuel, the body can heal itself, reshape itself and function to its optimal level.

Who should read this book?

If you’re someone who has been yoyo dieting over the years and keep falling back into the same habits and cravings, Eat to Live could be just what you need to get yourself over to the other side. Helping you break bad habits by understanding why they happen as well as giving you healthy, restorative alternatives means that if you’re looking for a life changer, this could be it.

3 great reasons to read Eat to Live

  1. It’s non-faddy and promises to address some of the major issues with people who have ongoing weight issues.
  2. The method it puts forward won’t only make you slimmer, it could reverse some pretty serious health issues if you need it to.
  3. It’s potentially a life-changer.

The Bulletproof Diet (Dave Asprey)

The Bulletproof Diet

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About The Bulletproof Diet

Hailed by many as a fad diet and positively attacked by some, The Bulletproof Diet was written by a determined young man who started his journey weighing 300 pounds or almost 21.5 stones if you prefer. A Silicon Valley multimillionaire, Dave Asprey reports that he was eating within recommended limits and exercising for an hour and a half, six times a week, yet couldn’t shed the weight.

Asprey experienced a lack of concentration along with severe food cravings and turned his Silicon Valley mentality to tackling the problems he was facing. Investing a reported $300,000 and 15 years of his life, he is reported as having gone through significant personal medical testing and a journey spanning traditional as well as alternative medicines. His journey enabled him to come up with a solution that allows you to miss breakfast, forget all about counting calories, eat healthy saturated fat in large quantities and expect weight loss and sound sleep.

This regime, which involves the addition of supplements is claimed to leave you with boundless energy, lean muscle and way less fat - sounds too good to be true. Yet Asprey himself experienced significant results ranging from IQ increases to losing and keeping off one-third of his body weight.

With claims that you can lose up to one pound per day, this diet book is well worth reading if you’re in good health and simply want to try something a bit different to help you shed the pounds.

About Dave Asprey

Well known for his Bulletproof Coffee which is made with butter, Asprey is certainly a crusader when it comes to his mission to shed the pounds. A regular on US TV he also writes in a whole range of global top titles. He was born in 1973 and spent his early years making millions in technology. Now hailed as a ‘biohacker’ he is a very clever marketer and entrepreneur.

The takeaways

This book throws most diet theories out of the window and encourages a somewhat unorthodox approach to weight loss. Regularly attacked by the health industry, the book confidently steers you in the direction of foods that are believed to be bulletproof and those which are toxic (and therefore to be avoided). Giving you a clear indication of what you can and can’t eat, the book says you’ll avoid hunger by eating plenty of veg and protein and will lose the pounds rapidly without the need for calorie counting or exercise.

Who should read this book?

If you’re looking for something a ‘bit different’ and you’re in a healthy state, you should give this book a read. If nothing else, it is a highly interesting read and an insight into a really successful life.

3 great reasons to read this book

  1. Its approach is completely different and unique.
  2. It is written in an accessible and interesting way that’ll leave you interested and engaged to the end.
  3. If you’re in good health and you’ve struggled with how to lose weight, this might just be the missing link you’ve been looking for.

The Hairy Dieters (Hairy Bikers)

The Hairy Dieters

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About the book

Known for their motorbikes, their long hair and beards, their northern accents and their love of food, Si King and Dave Myers, collectively known as the Hairy Bikers publicly lost over 6 stones between them not so long ago. Having kept it off, they recount their journey and encourage others to join them in this diet book. Rubbing shoulders with their other food tomes, The Hairy Dieters book does exactly what it says on the tin…it shows you how you can lose weight but still enjoy food to the max.

In their own words, this book puts forward a way of eating for “real people, not skinny minnies”. So, if you’re looking for a weight loss solution that’s low in calories, but tastes great, this book is certainly worth considering. A book that could work really well for anyone from singles through to families, the recipes it puts forward are simple and easy to follow as well as made from accessible and affordable ingredients – so there really are no barriers to weight loss here.

Arguably a weight loss option that you could stick to for the long-term, there are people who claim to have lost significant amounts of weight very quickly by adopting their approach. The great thing about this is that, at no point do you feel as if you’re being deprived of good tasting, hearty food.

About the authors

Si King and Dave Myers both have backgrounds in TV having been a locations manager and make-up artist specialising in prosthetics respectively. Although those roles, particularly Myers role, might come as a surprise to some, no one can argue that they’ve now made it big on TV. They have been biking around the UK and more recently the globe promoting everything from pies to cakes and curry. Myers was born in 1957 and King in 1966, and both suffering from middle-age-spread, they ventured on their newest crusade – losing weight – and did it admirably.

The takeaways

When you look at the Hairy Bikers and read their book, you’ll be incentivised to give their diet a go. Why? Because you can see how their new slimmer selves are thriving and still enjoying tasty food. While this probably isn’t the book to read if you want a quick fix to get into your LBD (Little Black Dress – or male equivalent) before a certain event, it’s certainly worth a try if you want to trim down and enjoy the journey.

Who should read this?

Anyone who is a fan of the Hairy Bikers will really enjoy their diet book because it is as full of their larger than life characters as any other book they’ve ever written. You should also make this choice if you’re a foodie who falls into the trap of depriving yourself too much, getting results and then piling all the weight back on again because you’re fed up with your limited food choices. Equally suited to busy professionals and families, this book will motivate you to alter your approach to delicious eating

3 great reasons to read this book

  1. The guys’ style and approach is entertaining and motivational.
  2. It’ll show you a way to lose weight while eating food that tastes great.
  3. Its approach will fit into your life, no matter whether you’re a young professional or a busy mum.

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