Live for the present not the past


Live in the presentThere are times in life when all you seem to do is look back and fill up with regret. No matter what has caused you to veer off the rails of happiness, if you’re currently in a position where you’re looking back and finding thousands of reasons to blame yourself for the bad place you feel you’re in right now – STOP.

Life is for the living. Ask anyone on their deathbed what they regret most, and it’s not that they spent their lives too happy. Their lists generally include failing to seize the opportunities that live gave them and not enjoying every moment that they had with their friends and family around them.

So if you’re wallowing in self-pity right now, if you’re feeling that everything you’ve ever done is bad or that you’re just not worthy of a happy and fulfilling life, let the team at Motivating Words take you on a short journey to rediscovering how to live in the present, not the past.

Here are our Top 7 Tips to live in the present

  1. Look after yourself. It’s hard to feel good about the here and how if you’re not feeling good about yourself. Regular exercise and a balanced diet set your mind and your body up for seizing every moment that comes your way without hesitation.
  2. Smile. When you smile right up to your eyes, you can’t fail but see the world as a more beautiful place. So if you’re serious about feeling good from the inside out, a smile is a great place to start. Once you get into the habit of smiling, you’ll also notice that other peoples’ responses to you change for the better.
  3. Forgive. Negative feelings towards the here and now often stem from grudges that you’re carrying around from the past. These grudges can soon start to weigh heavy unless you get them in check. A great way to rid yourself of any grudge monkey that’s on your back is to let it go. Forgiving others for negative things they’ve done to you will free you and let you live in the present not in the past.
  4. Rid yourself of useless possessions. Society today puts huge pressure on us to have the latest this and the best that. The end result is that we often spend our lives living for the moment when we can afford the next thing on our list. Once you rid yourself of material things that are unimportant you can focus on what’s important right now.
  5. Sort your connections. If you have relationships that are causing you to feel blocked in the past, take time to identify them and either improve them or rid yourself of them. We all have people in our lives who bring us down at every opportunity and drain us of positivity. If you have those sorts of people around you, it’s time to ask if your life would be better without them.
  6. Dare to dream. When you live in the past, having a vision, having dreams is a tough call. When you live in the present, you can look to the future with butterflies in your belly and with a spring in your step. Make sure you have dreams that keep you fired up and motivate you when things get tough.
  7. Celebrate your successes. If you’re feeling down in the present, it’s probably because you’re allowing the past to have a negative effect. If this is the case, make a point of focusing only on your past successes. Let your failures float away and focus on the rich and abundant successes you’ve enjoyed.

And most importantly – carpe diemseize the moment and live in the present, not the past.