The impact of motivational speaking


Motivational speakers are all around us. We can find them on TV, vlogs, podcasts, at events and even in schools and churches. But what is the impact of motivational speaking? Can listening to a motivational speaker really change how you are feeling and how you live your life? In this Motivating Words article, we’ll explore the impact of motivation speaking and what it could do for you as part of your journey towards a healthier, easier life.

But first, let’s define exactly what we mean by a motivational speaker. A motivational speaker is someone who has a story to tell that is likely to have a positive impact on the lives of others. Often someone who has an ‘against all odds’ journey to share, by sharing their experiences, their motivational speaking impacts on others.


Young business woman practicing motivational speaking


If you’re tempted to explore the area of motivational speaking here are just 3 ways that motivational speaking could impact on you and your life:

  1. Gratitude. In many cases, motivational speakers are people who’ve been in a bad place and come out of the other end to tell the tale. Some have ‘seen the light’, others have even faced death and have battled to achieve recovery; whether that be from some form of abuse or of ill health. Either way, listening to such a speaker can make you realise that things in your life aren’t quite as bad as you thought, and leave with the notion that you ought to be more grateful for what you’ve got.
  2. Empathy. Making judgements in life is easy. We see someone begging on the street and label them as a loser. We see a drug addict and choose to assume he’s a failure. Motivational speakers often come from these types of situation and have turned the corner. When they share their story, they give you a real insight into intimate experiences of others and are likely to leave you less likely to make rash judgements and label people in the future.
  3. Direction. If you’re feeling lost in life, listening to someone who has perhaps been to hell and back will help you focus on what’s most important. When we lose direction, we often blame things like responsibilities (real or imagined) and other people for us being unable to achieve what we want to. In many cases, it has nothing to do with these things, it’s a case that we’re trapped in a situation and aren’t committed enough to getting out of it. When you hear the story of a motivational speaker, your excuses might dissolve out of your mind.

And finally of course Motivation. The biggest impact of motivational speaking is to motivate you. It may be that you’re listening to a motivational speaker to help you to kick a habit or to advance on the career ladder, but either way, they should motivate you to make the next move. No matter whether you’re listening to them in person or following their vlog or podcast, if they’re doing what they should, you should leave the experience with a fire in your belly that you simply didn’t have before.

To see how much of a motivational effect that the right words can have, you only have to look at the TED talks. These talks – which are given on a variety of subjects – have become increasingly popular in recent years and have gained critical acclaim worldwide. When people are looking for change, their minds tend to be more open and willing to hear new ideas – that’s when motivational words have the most effect.