The true meaning of happiness

The true meaning of happiness


The true meaning of happiness is a question we often ponder over. It’s quite common, particularly when you’re feeling a bit down on yourself to wonder if those people who seem constantly happy are born that way or if it’s something that they work on. In this Motivating Words article, we’ll explore some of the key things that we believe make up the true meaning of happiness.

Having enough

At a very basic level, happiness comes from having enough. Although some of us think that we need an abundance of the likes of money or goods to be happy; that needn’t be the case. The true meaning of happiness is commonly found by people who have much less than others, yet are incredibly grateful for what they’ve got.

Health and security also impact on how happy we are. Ill health is something that can really stand in the way of happiness, as can losing your home or feeling in danger. And yet again, there are inspirational happiness stories about people who are terminally ill or homeless. So, in our view, this just proves that the true meaning of happiness depends entirely on your view or perception of what having enough really meant.


Relationships play a key part in happiness. It may be that you’re trapped in a relationship that is draining you of your positivity and your energy. While certain relationships are tough to change or escape, the true meaning of happiness comes when you have meaningful relationships with the right people. It may be tough love, but it’s important that if you’re surrounded by toxic relationships that you take action and focus on building a network that allows you to be yourself and to develop.


Success means different things to different people and happiness generally stems from feeling satisfied with what you’ve achieved. You don’t need fast cars and designer clothes to be successful. Success might simply be managing to take one step towards your goal. Recognising and celebrating your successes are an important part of the true meaning of happiness.

Inner calm

People who are truly happy tend to have an inner calm about them that other people are lacking. Closing down doubting or critical inner voices and meditation are great ways to achieve inner calm and a feeling of being at one with yourself. Once you can achieve this, the meaning of true happiness is likely to be a whole lot clearer to you. Because at the end of the day, only you know what happiness means for you.

Moving one step closer to understanding the meaning of happiness

If you’re in a place where your happiness levels could do with a helping hand, this book, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg is for you. Uncovering how we can break almost any habit we’ve outgrown, it could be the thing that you need to get you out of the habit of failing to find happiness. Even though that may seem an odd thing to say, the rise in popularity of focusing on gratitude has proved that happiness really is a muscle that needs to be worked out to stay in top form.